quarta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2008


"The Tibetan writers of today, regardless of their genre, seem to write with an agenda: to spread the word about the declining situation of the Tibetan freedom movement to readers both inside and out of China." (...)

“Tibetans are recording history and writing poetry and stories on love, religion and culture in Chinese. They are singing in Mandarin. The Chinese cannot but regret they gave the Tibetans their tongue.” (...)

"For Tibetans who’ve adopted writing as a tool to achieve their goals, their eyes are on the bigger prize—the ability to reach beyond the Tibetan-speaking population and affect the consciousness of a much larger world. For these writers, the language comes later, spreading the message comes first." - ler o artigo completo de Mridu Khullar para o WIP.

- achado no Literary Saloon.

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