sexta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2008


O livro como objecto, no artigo de Mark Sipowicz:

"People feel good about holding books, carrying them, owning them, lending and borrowing, the sound of turning pages. The feel of the paper on your fingertips is good. A shelf of books anywhere brings warmth to the heart of the beholder. And you think people would like to replace this with another screen to look at, more buttons to push? You gotta be kidding."

- ler aqui o artigo completo no Half Moon Bay Review.

No artigo de Hugh D’Andrade sobre o Kindle, o e-book reader da Amazon, as vantagens do livro digital e o que acontecerá a editoras e livrarias se a tecnologia vingar:

“It might seem understandable if the publishing industry comes to view digital books as a threat, since their business is currently based on the concept of one copy, one sale — a business model that will be obsolete once books go digital. But if we play our cards right, and can convince book sellers and publishers to embrace this new technology, we could end up living in a world where it’s actually easier for writers to get paid, and where any book can be accessed instantly from any place on the planet — universal access to knowledge. Hasn’t that been the aim of literate people since the invention of the printing press?”

- ler aqui o artigo completo no EFF.

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